All quotes are good for 10 days. If you call for a quote we will hold the quote for you for 10 days. If you would like to book the items that were quoted please call us within those 10 days. A signature and a deposit are due to secure your reservation. We will mail you 2 invoices. One invoice you will need to sign and send back to our office in the envelope that will be provided for you and the other copy is yours to keep.

If your rental is under $500.00 you will need a $50.00 deposit if your rental is over $500.00 you will need a $100.00 deposit. We accept cash, check, money order, visa, mastercard and discover card.  You are welcome to pay in full in advance or your balance is due at the date of delivery and set up. There is a $25.00 return check fee for any checks that are returned from the bank.  Please call with any questions or concerns.


We will call you 1 – 2 business days prior to your scheduled delivery date to give you a 3 hour window of when our crew will arrive to set up your tent. We ask that the someone be home during the delivery so you can instruct our tent crew on where you would like your tent set up. Please notify the set up crew if you have underground sprinkling and identify where the sprinkler heads are so that they can avoid hitting any piping.

If you would like the tent to strattle your driveway, please ask for this set up at the time you book the tent so the crew is aware of the special set up prior to arrival. This will allow them the proper amount of time to set up your tent and help keep the crew running on time. You do not need to be home when the tent crew arrives to tear down the tent unless there is a locked gate or dog that will need to be brought inside.

We thank you in advance for choosing Superior Tents and look forward to making your special event a wonderful memory!

Disclosure Statement

Please read the disclosure statement.  This will also be printed on the back of your invoice.

By signing the front and initializing the back of this invoice you are agreeing to rent the list of items for the date specified on the front of the invoice. You have the right to cancel your order 45 days prior to your event with no penalty. If you cancel within 45 days any deposit that was placed will be refunded in full. If you cancel less than 45 days prior to your event you forfeit your deposit. If you cancel 14 days or less prior to the event we reserve the right to charge you in full for the entire amount of the rental reservation.

A deposit is due at the time of your reservation with either a credit card hold, or a check. Cash payments can be made at the date of delivery; however a credit card will be required to hold the reservation. The final payment will be required at the time of delivery. If the invoice is not paid in full at the time of delivery, the items will not be left in your possession. The balance owed may change if you make any changes to the original order placed.

Your signature and initials also indicate that you accept responsibility for all the rented items while they are in your possession. If any items are damaged or stolen you will be responsible for 100% of the repairs or replacement of the items in questions. To avoid damage to the rented items please do not use staples, nails or duct tape on the tent, tables, chairs or center poles of the tent. Other tape can be used on the tables. Please remove any tape from the tables and all decorations that are under the tent at the completion of your party so that the crew can safely break down the items at pick up.

Download Disclosure Statement & Waiver

Our set up and tear down procedure includes delivery, set up and tear down of the tent only. The tables and chairs will be delivered and placed in stacks under your tent. You will be responsible to set up and tear down your tables and chairs. If you would like our staff to set up and tear down your tables and chairs there is an additional labor charge that will be added to the invoice before the final payment is made. During our peak season the tables and chairs may not be delivered the same day as the tent. If they are delivered the day of your event our staff will set up the tables and chairs at no additional charge.

Superior tents is not responsible if someone gets injured at your event due to their own negligence. If you do not understand this disclosure statement please call our office at (616) 363-1564 before signing or initializing the agreement. Once you have signed and initialed the invoice it becomes a legal and binding contract between yourself and Superior Tents.

With tension tents and some frame tents we use stakes to anchor your tent into the ground. These stakes go approximately 24-30 inches into the ground. If you have any of the above listed items in the area you want your tent set up please be advised of the following:

• Superior Tents is not responsible if a sprinkler line, gas line, sprinkler head or underground dog fence is damaged during installation or removal of your tent.

• Superior Tents will not pay to replace or repair any damage that is done to the water system, lawn, home or surrounding area resulting from installation or removal of your tent.

• You must have all sprinkler lines and heads properly marked off and easily seen so that the set up crew can identify where the lines run and do our best to avoid any damage.

• Superior Tents recommends to every customer to call Miss Dig 811 or 800-482-7171 prior to any underground installation of stakes.

• For example: If you stated your water lines run north and south when in fact they run east and west and a water line is hit by a stake you are 100% responsible for the repair and any damage that may have been caused.

You must sign this waiver before your tent can be installed.