Tall Peak White Tension Tents

These tents are All white tension tents with peaks reaching up to 17 foot in the center  poles.  They are anchored using steel stakes and ropes.  These tents can be set up on grass or asphalt.  If they are set up on asphalt there is an additional charge for us to drill into the asphalt then fill in the holes when we are done so it is not visible that any holes were drilled.  Please allow about 4 feet around the tent for proper anchoring.  Please contact us with specific questions about the set up.


Tall Peak White Tension Tents

# of People
20×30 600 64 $215 $265
20×40 800 80 $260 $360
30×60 1800 184 $630 $730


20x30 AW

This is a 20 x 30 White Tall Peak Tension Tent.  This tent is 600 square feet and has peaks reaching up to 17 feet.  You can seat 8 banquet tables and 64 chairs or 6 round tables and 48 chairs under this tent.


This is under a 30 x 60 Tall Peak White Tension Tent with round tables and white chairs for a wedding. ( The fabric on tables in this photo was not done by Superior Tents, but by the client.)


This is a 30 x 60 & 20 x 40 White Tall Peak Tension Tent put together for a wedding.